Schalk Opperman, Export Manager

"While Anton was on the IT team at Merck - he was definitely the "go-to guy" in the IT department if you wanted something done and done correctly. Anton was always willing to help - with enthusiasm, and always showed an outcome - one can't ask for more than that from a support person. I gladly recommend Anton."


Alyson Davies, Marketing Manager

"Anton was extremely customer-oriented. He resolved problems with minimum delays and always friendly and accommodating. A great IT partner to have."

First Technology

David Lichtenstein, Sales Manager

"Though Anton didn't work directly for me, he was part of the senior installation team that handled my projects. He was certainly one of the strongest engineers and was very knowledgeable. I always had the peace of mind that when we worked at my clients, the work would be done to an excellent standard. He comes highly recommended."

Dimension Data

Jacques Bence, Operations Manager

“I would like to extend a HUGE personal thank you from my side for all the great work you are doing. I have gotten to know you over the time we have been working together and I can honestly say I believe it is my privilege to have you in my team. Your professionalism and positive attitude goes a long way to making my life as a manager much easier. No request has ever been too much or impossible for you. It also makes Werner’s job easier by knowing that he has solid support in you. Your dedication and loyalty is inspiring even through all the trials and tribulations we have to endure on a daily basis. I applaud you and thank you for that. I am truly blessed to have you on my team. Well done!"