WSUSCtrl.log: Errors were reported in these WSUS Server components WSUSService

Nov 19, 2015 | | Say something

I recently recovered a Secondary site after loosing the data drive.

Once the site was recovered and the database replication completed I found the following errors in the WSUSCtrl.log when I tried to sync the WSUS database with the Primary or upstream WSUS database.

“Errors were reported in these WSUS Server components WSUSService, on WSUS Server SecondaryServerName

“Failures reported during periodic health check by the WSUS Server SecondaryServerName. Will retry check in 57 minutes”


  1. Check the Update Service, my update service was stopped, even though it was set to automatically start.
  2. Changed the account the service used to run with from “Network Account” to Local Service Account” and started the service.
  3. Start the  initial WSUS Sync process from the WSUS console and not from the SCCM Management console.

wsus sync server

After following the above mentioned steps, my SUP started with the WSUS Sync process.

wsus sync

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