SCCM WSUS Synchronization failed

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WSUS Synchronization failed. Message: WSUS server not configured. Please refer to WCM.log for configuration error details..Source: CWSyncMgr::DoSync.The operating system reported error 2147500037: Unspecified error

After much troubleshooting and reading the log files, it appeared that the WSUS local DB was in a sort of a hung state for some unknown reason and did not accept any updates from the Microsoft Update website as the WSUS source.

The solution found to resolve the issue was not as dramatic as some posts on the internet have mentioned, like:

  • Uninstall / Re-Install SUP, Uninstall / Re-Install WSUS
  • Removing classifications, runing wsusutil.exe /reset, manual sync, adding classifications and running manual sync again.

In fact all I did to resolve this issue was:

  • Restart the “Windows Internal Database (MICROSOFT##SSEE)” service
  • Open the WSUS console and manually sync the WSUS server with the Microsoft Update site
  • After 30 minutes, opened the SCCM console and re-initiated the Synchronization schedule manually.

After the above steps were performed, the CAS synced with Microsoft and the rest of the SUP’s successfully synced with the CAS.

SCCM Environment: SCCM 2012 R2 SP1

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