Method 1: Distribute Software Update Packages

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Method 1: Split Software Update Packages:

Using this method is very simple to implement, somewhat more admin, but it does produce the required results everytime. Splitting the software update packages into smaller chunks or packages of 250MB to 500MB, increases the distribution rate dramatically on slow WAN links. Reason for doing this is that experience has shown that packages larger than 1GB tend to take to long to reach the distribution points or times-out.


1. Create an ADR template that downloads all the required updates per operating system or application version, saving the updates in their own folders as per the split you made.


Create an ADR template that will download and group all the Windows 7 updates together, or

Create an ADR template that will download and group all the Office 2010 updates together.

ADR Rules

2. Run the ADR rule to create the required software update package and make sure that the files are split into separate folders as per your version split above.


3. Distribute the package to All distribution points.

Results / Performance:

  • Package distributions have increased in availability from 80% in 3 months, to 98% in 3 days.

Method 2: Distribute Pre-Staged Software Update Packages or OSD images

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