Personal Information

  • Experience: 13 years +

Professional Profile

I’m a seasoned IT professional with a (Bachelors of Commerce degree in Information Systems and Business Management) who thrives in highly competitive environments, where there is freedom to explore different ways in coming up with solutions and change is the order of the day. I like to move fast. I am practical about things and a concrete practical thinker. The most important thing for me to ask, “What is really going to work?”.

I’m at my best when pulling apart complex problems and figuring out what’s actually going on. I’m a trusted advisor to my colleagues and clients, who commend me for my knack in solving complex problems. I am inspired by the experts in my field, have respect for their achievements and take every opportunity to learn from them.

My confidence and motivation comes from a strong belief from within, that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to and successfully complete the challenges assigned to me by my clients and colleagues. Every challenge brings about an opportunity to learn and grow as an individual and being able to share that knowledge with others.

The perfect environment for me would be one that is fast paced, where there is constant movement, and high performance is the order of the day. Where there is opportunity to grow and develop on a daily basis. I’m not drawn to routine as I function at my best when faced with new challenges.

Technical Skills


Configuration Manager

(CB-1607-1702), 2012-R2, Advanced, 5 years



Expert, 8 years

Platforms: Altiris 6.0 Client Management Suite


Operating Systems

Advanced, 13 years

Platforms: Windows XP-10 | Server 2003/2008-R2/2012-R2



Advanced, 9 years

Platforms: SQL, Oracle



Intermediate, 3 years



Beginner, 5 years



Advanced, 9 years

SQL Report Writing (SSRS)